If You Are Looking To Buy A New Tank Or Mod

Hey readers, hope you all of been well. Today we are here to tell you about 2 new products that are taking the vape word by storm. One is a sub ohm tank, and the other is a starter kit. They are both manufactured by SMOK, and they are both excellent products. You can pick up both of these over at The Best Vape. They have excellent prices, superior customer service, and turbo priority shipping for $5 flat. That is less than the actual cost of Priority Mail from USPS. They literally pay out of pocket for shipping on every order.

Now to the Sub Ohm Tank. SMOK’s latest and greatest tank is called the TFV8 Big Baby Tank. It holds 5ml of juice, yikes! The height is about 56mm. The weight is about 60g. It’s 510 threaded, naturally. It’s made out of Stainless Steel. And as of today there are 4 colors available, Black, Silver, Gun Metal, & Rainbow. It’s a very good looking Tank for sure. It performs perfectly all the time every time. The coils are somewhat affordable. All in all it’s a terrific tank, so go pick up a SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank now from The Best Vape before they sell out. We have been using this tank for about a month now and we can not find anything wrong with it, at all. It produces a ton of vapor, the taste is spot on, it doesn’t get hot like most other tanks, it’s just a excellent tank to have in your arsenal. Go pick one up now, you will regret it or be disappointed in that decision. Plus no matter which color you get it will look good, that is just how the tank is.

The other think I wanted to tell you to buy is a brand new E Juice by One Hit Wonder. As you know, they are pretty famous. They started the big bottle trend, selling juice in 180ml bottles. They also started the unicorn bottle craze, including 2 15ml unicorns with their juice. Now they have a brand new juice out called Magic Man, and everyone is falling in love with it. It’s supposed to be like taking a handful of gummies, all mixed together to make a mouthwatering flavor.  You can pick up a bottle of Magic Man by One Hit Wonder from the same company we told you about in the above paragraph. The suggested retail price is $59.99, but if you buy it now before they receive their first shipment you can get it for only $45.00. Once they have it in stock it will go up to $50.00 even. Even still, that is a great price for 180ml or 6oz’s of E Juice.

Ok we have to get going now. It’s Friday and we have lots to do here. So check out products we mentioned above, we only recommend hat we have personally used ourselves. We totally stand behind each of the 2 products we told you about. There is no reason that you would feel any different. Have a great weekend and always be safe. Until next time…

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