The New Kit by Vandy Vape

They just keep hitting it out of the park with their new products. From their RDA’s to the Pulse BF Squonk Box Mod, and now they just posted the brand new but not released yet Pulse BF Kit by Vandy Vape on their website a few minutes ago. It looks great so far, from what we can see. The panels are now see through or transparent, they colors are different as well. They are now frosted colors & ultem. Here is a list of the new colors: Ultem, Frosted White, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Frosted Green, & Frosted Pink. The ladies are going to live that Pink! And there will also be Replacement Panels to make three more colors. Those are Cyan, Orange, & Yellow.

This Kt also comes with the famous Pulse 24 BF RDA, but this one is going to be a Special Edition. We will update this post when we get more information about the Special Edition RDA.

You can check out the new Pulse BF Kit on their site here. They literally just posted it a few minutes ago.

You can check it out on another site, one of my favorite Shops, The Best Vape. They have the best prices, faster shipping, and nicest employees who are always there to help whenever I have a question or just need some general help.


They have now released a new Regulated Mod! It’s called the Pulse BF 80W Box Mod and it’s gorgeous. It maxes out @ 80W’s, has multiple output modes, and comes in 6 different styles. The designs are Resin & Carbon Fiber. 4 Resin Styles & 2 Carbon Fiber will be available. This Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Regulated Mod is already one of the most talked about Devices in history.

New Box Mod by Sigelei With Lights

Good afternoon all, and welcome to another post about a fantastic new vaping product. This one is a regular Mod, but with a new touch. The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum is a 230W Mod that measures  88 x 45 x 30mm. It is made out of Zinc Alloy. It has a .96″ TFT color screen. It can run from as low as 10W all the way up to 230W. The temperature range is 100°C – 300°C and 200°F – 570F°. The input voltage is 6.4V-8.4V, and output voltage is 1.0V-7.5V. The total maximum current is 35A. It is powered by 2 18650 batteries. It can run in 5 different modes; Power, SS, Ti1, Ni200, & TCR. It can fire as low as .1Ω and as high as 3.0Ω. It charges by USB and is USB upgradeable. The main feature of this Mod is the 6 changeable LED color options. There are 3 options for the lights; always on, on when using, and off. This really is a beautiful Mod when the lights are on. You should definitely check it out. If you are looking to buy this Mod we suggest heading over to The Best Vape, they are expecting them in later today which means they will ship tomorrow. They have the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum listed at around $53.00 plus shipping. This shop is one of the best Online Vape Shops we know of. The customer service is amazing, the prices are rock bottom, and the shipping is turbo fast. Every time we order from them it’s an excellent experience. So go check them out now, and take a look at this brand new product we mentioned today. Please keep in mind that this does not include a Tank or RDA, and batteries are always sold separately unless buying a bundle deal. Well that is about it for today, we hope you check out this great new product by Sigelei, you should be impressed. Have a great day!

If You Are Looking To Buy A New Tank Or Mod

Hey readers, hope you all of been well. Today we are here to tell you about 2 new products that are taking the vape word by storm. One is a sub ohm tank, and the other is a starter kit. They are both manufactured by SMOK, and they are both excellent products. You can pick up both of these over at The Best Vape. They have excellent prices, superior customer service, and turbo priority shipping for $5 flat. That is less than the actual cost of Priority Mail from USPS. They literally pay out of pocket for shipping on every order.

Now to the Sub Ohm Tank. SMOK’s latest and greatest tank is called the TFV8 Big Baby Tank. It holds 5ml of juice, yikes! The height is about 56mm. The weight is about 60g. It’s 510 threaded, naturally. It’s made out of Stainless Steel. And as of today there are 4 colors available, Black, Silver, Gun Metal, & Rainbow. It’s a very good looking Tank for sure. It performs perfectly all the time every time. The coils are somewhat affordable. All in all it’s a terrific tank, so go pick up a SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank now from The Best Vape before they sell out. We have been using this tank for about a month now and we can not find anything wrong with it, at all. It produces a ton of vapor, the taste is spot on, it doesn’t get hot like most other tanks, it’s just a excellent tank to have in your arsenal. Go pick one up now, you will regret it or be disappointed in that decision. Plus no matter which color you get it will look good, that is just how the tank is.

The other think I wanted to tell you to buy is a brand new E Juice by One Hit Wonder. As you know, they are pretty famous. They started the big bottle trend, selling juice in 180ml bottles. They also started the unicorn bottle craze, including 2 15ml unicorns with their juice. Now they have a brand new juice out called Magic Man, and everyone is falling in love with it. It’s supposed to be like taking a handful of gummies, all mixed together to make a mouthwatering flavor.  You can pick up a bottle of Magic Man by One Hit Wonder from the same company we told you about in the above paragraph. The suggested retail price is $59.99, but if you buy it now before they receive their first shipment you can get it for only $45.00. Once they have it in stock it will go up to $50.00 even. Even still, that is a great price for 180ml or 6oz’s of E Juice.

Ok we have to get going now. It’s Friday and we have lots to do here. So check out products we mentioned above, we only recommend hat we have personally used ourselves. We totally stand behind each of the 2 products we told you about. There is no reason that you would feel any different. Have a great weekend and always be safe. Until next time…

Best Place To Buy E Juice With Great Customer Service

Hey all you awesome readers, we are back today to tell you all about one of the best online vape shops that sell e Juice. They have outstanding customer service and the lowest prices I have seen online for some of the biggest and best brands that we all love. Juice lines like One Hit Wonder & Sicboy they have and more of course, those are just two. If y6ou are looking for incredible e liquid at a low price then we highly suggest you check out the shop we are talking about today called The Best Vape. They not only sell e juice but they also write awesome reviews for the latest and greatest sub ohm tanks, box mods, and coils. If you like reading reviews rather then the horrible YouTube reviews then you need to visit their site now.

One of the greatest e liquids of all time is created by One Hit Wonder E Liquid from California and it’s a delicious Strawberries & Cream. You can pick up a huge 180ml bottle of The Man 100mL at The Best Vape for around $50.00 plus shipping. The juice usually retails for $59.99 so you are saving about 10 bucks. Their shipping is also super fast, they use USPS Priority for every order so you do not have much choice in that. Everyone always receives their order within 2-3 days. If you send them an email they will get back to you very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes. I have never seen better customer service from a Online Vape Shop before. If you combine the service with the turbo shipping and then the low prices you wont be able to find a better choice them them to buy e juice from.

There are many more juices that are top notch, it would be impossible to name them all in this post. However, the following juice deserves to be here. It is made by Sicboy Industries and it is called Your Mom. I know, what a name right. Let’s put the name aside for a minute ok. It is by far one of the best e liquids on the market. You can also pick up your mom e-juice from the same site, The Best Vape, for about $59 even. They have done an incredible job of acquiring all of the best juices and putting them on one site. This way you can shop at one site for everything. Sicboy makes about 8-10 different juices and this site has 4-5 of them in stock at all times I believe. They are also one of the first to have their new flavors when they come out, most of the time at least.

The shop The Best Vape also likes to send free gifts with their orders. Some times they send free unicorn bottles, either 15ml or 30ml bottles. Sometimes they send Vape Bands for Tanks. And some times they send stickers from the E Juice company. No matter what, they almost always send something extra to their customers. That is why I love them so much. They always go above and beyond for each and every customer.

Ok well enough rambling for me today. You get the point. Check out their site and shop by following one of the links above. Have a wonderful day!