Best Place To Buy E Juice With Great Customer Service

Hey all you awesome readers, we are back today to tell you all about one of the best online vape shops that sell e Juice. They have outstanding customer service and the lowest prices I have seen online for some of the biggest and best brands that we all love. Juice lines like One Hit Wonder & Sicboy they have and more of course, those are just two. If y6ou are looking for incredible e liquid at a low price then we highly suggest you check out the shop we are talking about today called The Best Vape. They not only sell e juice but they also write awesome reviews for the latest and greatest sub ohm tanks, box mods, and coils. If you like reading reviews rather then the horrible YouTube reviews then you need to visit their site now.

One of the greatest e liquids of all time is created by One Hit Wonder E Liquid from California and it’s a delicious Strawberries & Cream. You can pick up a huge 180ml bottle of The Man 100mL at The Best Vape for around $50.00 plus shipping. The juice usually retails for $59.99 so you are saving about 10 bucks. Their shipping is also super fast, they use USPS Priority for every order so you do not have much choice in that. Everyone always receives their order within 2-3 days. If you send them an email they will get back to you very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes. I have never seen better customer service from a Online Vape Shop before. If you combine the service with the turbo shipping and then the low prices you wont be able to find a better choice them them to buy e juice from.

There are many more juices that are top notch, it would be impossible to name them all in this post. However, the following juice deserves to be here. It is made by Sicboy Industries and it is called Your Mom. I know, what a name right. Let’s put the name aside for a minute ok. It is by far one of the best e liquids on the market. You can also pick up your mom e-juice from the same site, The Best Vape, for about $59 even. They have done an incredible job of acquiring all of the best juices and putting them on one site. This way you can shop at one site for everything. Sicboy makes about 8-10 different juices and this site has 4-5 of them in stock at all times I believe. They are also one of the first to have their new flavors when they come out, most of the time at least.

The shop The Best Vape also likes to send free gifts with their orders. Some times they send free unicorn bottles, either 15ml or 30ml bottles. Sometimes they send Vape Bands for Tanks. And some times they send stickers from the E Juice company. No matter what, they almost always send something extra to their customers. That is why I love them so much. They always go above and beyond for each and every customer.

Ok well enough rambling for me today. You get the point. Check out their site and shop by following one of the links above. Have a wonderful day!

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