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Like we said in our other post today, we have hired two other companies to get our site back up and running and one to handle the marketing. Since we are definitely not professional web designers, we figured that it would be best if we hired some pros to handle the job and let us focus on the Festivals coming up and the important stuff. You can be sure that we will have a great site up for everyone within a few weeks, which will include all the possible information you could possibly imagine. There will also be a new and improved Event Search System for you guys to use.

We have also hired a company to handle our Internet Marketing for us, they are one of the best SEO Companies out there and they provide top notch local seo services to lots of big companies worldwide. They have a proven track record that they showed us and they came highly recommended from lots of different people and companies that have and currently still do use them. Since most of our traffic comes from local searches, like people looking for upcoming Fruit & Beer Festivals, we figured it would be best to target the local market and make sure that if anyone searches for Wine Festivals or anything related that we do show up on the first page. We know that it will not happen overnight, so we are in this for the long haul. And we do appreciate the patience of our loyal readers and event goers.

This local seo company we are using is one of the best around, and that comes from many people. The company is called SEOjus and they are based out of South Florida. We will be updating everyone each week as things happen or change, so be sure to keep checking out the site for updates and new Festivals in the area. Once again we appreciate the support from everyone and hope to see you guys at the next Festival.